Rebates & Programs

ENERGY STAR Appliances

Refrigerator – $50
Energy Star Labeled – 10 cubic ft or larger
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Dishwasher – $50
Energy Star Labeled
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Dehumidifier – $25
Energy Star Labeled
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Front Load Clothes Washer – $100
Energy Star Labeled
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Top Load Clothes Washer – $35
Energy Star Labeled
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LED screw-in lamps
Any Energy Star LED lamp
50% of lamp cost up to $10
Max rebate $200 per household
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Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater – $300
Energy Star Labeled
EF of 2.0 or greater
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Heating & Cooling

Central Air Conditioner 
SEER>= 14.0 and SEER<14.9 –  $100
SEER>= 15.0 and SEER<15.9 – $150
SEER > =16.0 and greater – $200
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Air Source Heat Pump -$150/ton
Up to 5 tons for HSPF 8.5 or higher, Min SEER 14
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Ground Source Heat Pump –
New System Only-$200

Per ton, up to 5 tons max
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Window/Room Air Conditioner – $50
Energy Star Labeled
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Ductless Mini-Split A/C System – $100
Min Seer 14.0 & greater
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Central Air Conditioner Tune-Up – $25
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Click here for Tree Power Incentive Form

What is Tree Power?

  • Tree power is a nationwide program that was developed by the American Public Power Association to encourage customers of public power utilities to plant trees.
  • Utilities offer incentives to their customers in the form of rebates for planting shade trees on their property.
  • We have established funds that will be available in rebate form to our electric customers when they meet all of the eligibility conditions. Funds are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a limit of two trees per customer per year. To guarantee there will be funds available for your purchase, call 332-0100.

Electric Vehicle Flyer
Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Application 

With electric lawn equipment, you can now have a great looking yard without waking your neighbors.
Our rebates make switching to a new electric mower, trimmer, chain saw or leaf blower easier than ever. Get a rebate of 10% on your purchase price!
Electrify Your Yard Flyer
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 Commercial and Industrial Customer Rebates

Energy efficiency improvement incentives are available to Commercial and Industrial customers on a custom basis. Incentives are available for energy efficient equipment such as:

  • High efficiency lighting
  • High efficient HVAC equipment
  • Premium efficient motors
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Other process equipment that will save energy

Energy audits and design assistance is provided at no cost.  Before proceeding with any efficiency improvement project, contact us and we will provide help in selecting the proper equipment and determine the actual cost savings for the project. Rebates will be based upon actual energy savings and ILPT’s avoided power costs. Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Call today (319)332-0100.

L.E.E.F. Program (Local Energy Efficiency Funding Program)

Click here for brochure on L.E.E.F. Program

Click here for Press Release on the new program

New Construction Program

 New Construction Design Assistance fact sheet.

USDA Revolving Loan Fund

Independence Light & Power Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Brochure

Electric Forklifts – Work Smarter, Safer and Cleaner

Electric Forklift Informational Flyer
Electric Forklift Rebate Application