Fiber to the Home projects continue to Terrace Dr area

Good things are coming to Independence this summer and fall, by way of a new Fiber to the Home project, announced by Independence Light & Power, Telecommunications (INDYTEL).

”Our new fiber network will deliver broadband services to customers that simply cannot be matched by any other provider,” said Stephany Harvey, INDYTEL Board of Trustees Chairperson.

This new network will simplify streaming from any streamer, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, as well as providing speeds not matched by Mediacom, DishTV, or others, while adding the special hometown touch of technicians who work and live locally.

“We are investing back into the community, and are doing it with our own equipment, our own employees, and our own resources.  This way, we can ensure INDYTEL quality to our customers,” added Kevin Sidles, manager of INDYTEL.

Customers in the Terrace Drive area will be the next to get the all new fiber network installed.   The fiber network will ultimately be built city wide allowing the utility to provide second to none telecommunications services to customers.  Customers located in the build area will receive notice prior to any work being done on private property.  Customers can also go to for more information on the project.

“Everything we need is in our own backyard and we as the community own it, manage it, and benefit from it.  It is one more reason to ‘Celebrate our Spirit’,” added Harvey.