Please read our Terms Of Service for Digital Phone Service before submitting.

    • Your name should appear EXACTLY as it does on your local phone bill
    • Required only if phone service is in your company’s name
    • Primary address where the telephone service will be located. No PO Boxes
    • If different from service address, print EXACTLY as it does on current phone bill
    • List below all Telephone Number(s) for which you authorize change from your current phone service provider to ITU, Inc. d/b/a Independence Telecommunications Utility (“Indytel”). Please note that Local, In-state Toll and /or Long Distance service for the number(s) listed below will be charged to Indytel and that any services associated with this number(s), such as Centrex or DSL will be lost if you port this number(s).

    • List all numbers to be ported
    • This MUST be provided if number(s) to be ported is a Business Account
    • Mobile NumberMobile Account Number