Internet – Residential

Residential Services Pricing Guide

Indytel Lite
Light activity/Social Media

Streaming and Multiple Devices

 Indytel Plus
Gaming and Video Uploading

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*Rates increase $10.00 if you do not subscribe to cable TV.
$29.95 install charge applies if you only subscribe to one service.  If you subscribe to 2 or more services, the install charge is waived.
Cable modems are the property of ILPT and must be returned when service is disconnected.

Additional Monthly Features

Wireless Modem $5.00
Vacation Email $5.00
SecureIT Security Protection $4.95

**Email Configuration Documents**
(Click on a specific program or device for step by step instructions)

How do I change my email password?
Email Configuration Quick Setting

Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010

GREYMAIL – Not seeing an email you were expecting….Use your Indytel email and password to Login to

This personal dashboard is a web-based interface for managing all your messaging security services.