FREE WiFi in the Parks

Indytel Announces Free Wi-Fi in the Parks

 Independence, Iowa – Independence Light & Power, Telecommunications (Indytel) announced today that it has launched a free Wi-Fi service in Independence.  The network, called Wi-Fi in the Parks, provides free Wi-Fi service in Teachers Park and at the Independence Park & Rec., Baseball/Softball complex on Three Elms Road.

“Indytel is proud to help bring this great new amenity to its citizens and visitors,” said Stephany Harvey, Board Chairperson. “Providing free, ultra-fast Wi-Fi service will greatly affect the park experience and improve quality of life in Independence.”

The project is a joint venture between Indytel and the City of Independence.  The initial cost of the equipment for the project was paid for by Indytel. The city will cover the ongoing costs for maintenance and Indytel will pick up the tab on the Internet broadband for the network.

“Independence is always looking for ways to enhance quality of life for its residents and visitors.  This project is a wonderful example of how partnerships can be formed to provide valuable new services to Independence,” said Independence mayor Bonita Davis.  “Internet connectivity is such an important part of our daily lives, and completion of this project makes Internet access readily available where we live and play.”

The Indytel Wi-Fi network is commercial grade, state-of-the-art network which utilizes a series of access points located throughout the parks that are connected to Indytel’s high speed 10 gigabit fiber network.  The Wi-Fi network can handle hundreds of simultaneous users.

“Using the free network is easy – folks in Teachers Park or out at the Complex can search for the WiFi Parks network on their device.  Once found the login screen will appear with “Welcome to WiFi Parks”.  Then click the red button that says “Continue to the Internet” and you’re on.  Users of the network will have free access in 2 hour blocks all day, every day, even if you are not an Indytel customer” added Melissa Hearn, Community Relations & Marketing Director at INDYTEL.

About Indytel

Delivering data speeds up to 1 GB for business and 250 MB to the home, Indytel provides high speed internet and data, cable TV and telephone to residents and businesses in Independence and Rowley. Indytel is a municipally owned company offering customers value, outstanding service, and choices for services.  For more information, visit or call (319) 332-0100.