Phone – Commercial

Business Services Pricing Guide

Phone Packages (include call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID)

2 Line Unlimited Long Distance $89.95
1 Line Unlimited Long Distance $49.95
Local Only Service $14.95
Local Rated Service $14.95 / .07 per minute for long distance

Business / Commercial:

Generally, due to the complexity and the type of service needed we will quote telephone service on a case by case scenario.
ITU has all of your connection needs not limited to but including:

  • Hosted
  • SIP
  • 56K

Business Optional Monthly Fees 

E911 fee per line – $1.00

Directory Non-Published/Non-Listed – $4.95 *$8.95 setup fee applies

Directory Non-Published – $2.95 *$8.95 setup fee applies

Business Wire Maintenance – Custom Quote

Additional Listings – $5.95

All Call Forwarding Feature – $8.95

List of All Calling FeaturesClick here

Hosted PBX from Indytel

Upgrade Your Communications Service

Are you ready to upgrade your communications services?  Our hosted IP PBX brings a big-business phone system to you at a lower cost and it’s easy to use and easy to manage.  Using the latest voice-over internet technology on our state-of-the-art network, you can efficiently use just one internet connection for all your voice and data communications needs without the need to set up and maintain your own telephone server.

Click here for more details on the benefits of Hosted PBX