The History of Independence Light & Power

In 1893 the citizens of Independence voted by a 572 majority to build a municipal light  plant. This building was located where Veterans Park is today. The flood of 1947 caused damage to the  plant so they decided to move to a  better location. In 1948, construction began on a new building at the present site. At that time, the Mayor and City Council governed the Light Plant. Those members were Mayor Charles Jones, Councilmen W.M. Armstrong, L.A. Bastian, M.J. Carmody, Foster Miller, Ralph Farris, M.W. Osburn and E.A. Plank. The Superintendent was Raymond E. Guernsey. In 1961, the city voted to have the Light Plant governed by a board of trustees. The following is a list of board members and the years they served: Alvin Lynes 1961-1976, George Burk 1961-1982, Fred Ulm 1961-1977, Rudolph S. Leytze 1975-1995, Carl Kruempel 1977-1994, Donald D. Brown 1982-1985, Burnell Haven 1986-1991, William J. Hickey 1992-2009, Robert M. Cook 2006-2011, Edwin E. Armstead 1996-2001, Brian K. Meyer 2002-2013, Ronald D. Pierce 2002-2003, Terry M. Toale 2002-2005, Steve Elliott 2004-2009, Bryan R. Palmer 2006-2011, Cyndi S. Bergeson 2010-2014, Linda Dugan 2012 -2014, Gerald C. Stelter 2010-Present, Leon Bachman 2012-2017, Stephany Harvey 2014-present, Steve Elliott 2014-2016, Amber Hunt 2014 – 2017,  Lance Fricke 2016 -present, Becki Davis 2018-2019, Mike Lenius 2018-present, Amber Hunt 2019-present.


In the year 2000, the Independence Light & Power utility added telecommunications to our services, including a locally owned cable television system and high-speed data network.

Independence Light & Power is moving ahead rapidly with technological improvements and innovative ways to link our customers to the ever-expanding world of telecommunications. We look forward to continuing our growth and improvements and providing the citizens of the Independence area a direct connection to the limitlessness information super-highway.

Office Hours
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 4:00pm
There is an after hours drop box when you pull thru drive-up.

In Case of After Hours Electric Outages
In case of an after hours electric outage, please call the safety center at (319) 334-2567.  They will be able to get in touch with our lineman who is on-call.

Board of Trustees

Stephany Harvey  Chairperson, Board of Trustees (319) 334-4405
Mike Lenius Secretary/Treasurer, Board of Trustees (319) 334-6437
Gerald Stelter Trustee, Board of Trustees (319) 334-2944
Lance Fricke Trustee, Board of Trustees (319) 334-6110
Amber Hunt Trustee, Board of Trustees (563) 920-2862

The phone number of the office is (319) 332-0100.

Administrative Directory

General Manager Click here to contact the General Manager (ksidles@indytel.com)
Linda Kress Office Manager Click here to email Linda (ljkress@indytel.com)
Kevin Sidles Lineshop Mgmnt. Click here to email Kevin (ksidles@indytel.com)
Josh Vandenburg Telecom Mgmnt. Click here to email Josh (jvandenburg@indytel.com)
Sara Wilson Accounting. Click here to email Sara (swilson@indytel.com)
Melissa Hearn Marketing & Community Relations Click here to email Melissa (mhearn@indytel.com)

Board Meeting Minutes

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October Independence Telecom Utility

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