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Residential Services Brochure


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Service Description Monthly Rate Effective September 6, 2017
Lifeline Basic Channels 2 – 35 $22.95 NOW includes HD channels
Standard Basic Channels 2 – 95 $59.95 NOW includes HD channels
Standard Plus Channels 2 – 135 (Channels above 100 require a digital box) $69.95 NOW includes HD channels

NFL RedZone-  Football Fanatics: Every touchdown from every game on Sunday afternoons!   $49.95 per season.  Call today to have it added to your account.

Digital Premium Channels (Ala Carte) *must subscribe to HD Lineup

Service Description Monthly Rate
 HBO (receive 6 channels) Includes HBO, HBO2,HBO Signature, HBO Comedy, HBO Zone, HBO Family, HBO HD*. $16.95
Showtime (receive 8 channels) Includes Showtime, Showtime2, Showtime Showcase, Showtime Extreme,Showtime Women, Showtime Family,The Movie Channel, The Movie Channel Extra. $13.95
Cinemax (receive 7 channels) Includes Cinemax, More Cinemax, Thriller Cinemax, Movie Max, Max Latino, 5 Starmax, Outermax. Cinemax HD*. $12.95
STARZ (receive 13 channels) Includes STARZ, STARZ Edge, STARZ in Black, STARZ HD*, STARZ Encore Family, STARZ Cinema, STARZ Kids, STARZ Comedy, STARZ ENCORE, STARZ ENCORE Black, STARZ ENCORE Action, STARZ ENCORE Westerns, STARZ ENCORE classic, STARZ ENCORE Suspense. $9.95


Digital Service Add-Ons

Service Description Monthly Rate
Dual  (DVR) Digital Video Recorder Record shows on your television even while you’re watching another channel! You can even pause, rewind, fast forward and more! $8.95
Additional Dual DVR Add an additional dual DVR to a different room $16.45
Digital Receiver Box for Movie Channels Gives you the ability to watch premium movie channels. $10.00
Additional Digital Receiver Boxes Add digital boxes to different rooms $7.50
Whole Home DVR Feature Capability of watching your recorded shows in different rooms. (record in living room, watch in bedroom) $8.00
DTA For TVs that are not digital ready.  Includes RF remote, small box that can be mounted behind and/or placed out of site. $2.00 


$29.95 install charge applies if you only subscribe to one service. If you subscribe to two or more services, the install charge is waived.
Existing outlets plus 2 new outlets are included in the install.
Home wiring for extra outlets will be charged at $15 per outlet.
HDMI or component cables, as needed, will be provided with install.
$40 Service Call Charge